Watchdog Consulting Services, LLC starts by reviewing your company’s recycling and disposal services for savings opportunities that 99% of all companies overlook each month. Since disposal costs vary depending on regional market areas it is difficult for companies to know what they should be paying at each location. Watchdog will work to ensure that your company is paying the best rate while optimizing disposal services by using our industry experience and national negotiating power to ensure that your company is not overpaying for its recycling and disposal services. 

Not having Watchdog looking out for your company’s best interests can cost your company thousands of dollars that are literally thrown away each month. These costs adversely effect your company’s bottom line, money that could be put to better use in your profit column. Watchdog will monitor your recycling and disposal expenses each month so your employees won’t have to. Our extensive program will save your company time and money since Watchdog is focused solely on your company’s disposal costs.

By outsourcing your company’s disposal services to Watchdog we will free up your time and employee resources so you can focus on your core business goals without sacrificing control. Since Watchdog acts as your agent we do not make any changes without your authorization.

Trash doesn’t have to be a costly monthly operating expense that continues to rise each year. Let Watchdog analyze your current services, reduce your costs, and ensure that the costs stay low over time. Watchdog does all this for you while saving you time, money, and freeing up your valuable resources.

Call us to discuss in more detail what Watchdog’s program can do for your company at 800-839-1595 or via email at


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